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Hello, we hope you like and that it provides some useful information. We set up the site because we worked at home and couldn't easily find alot of the info that we needed, although as we launch we've noticed an increasing number of publications and websites appearing!

In most cases the information is basic and where appropriate we provide links to more detailed information. We don't claim to be experts in any given area, and we welcome any comments or advice from people with specific expertise. For example, the technology section will be a disappointment to those with real technical expertise - it isn't aimed at them, there are loads of specific sites to serve individual needs, our aim is to provide basic information and a launching point to more information. Hopefully, the technologists may find something they didn't know in one of the other sections.

Homeworking is an option that can provide many benefits not just to the individual but to society as a whole. Whilst the government toys endlessly with transport solutions it spends little time looking at real alternatives to commuting. Although we see many initiatives and telecottaging forums we don't see a reduction in the layers of red-tape that prevent many from striking out on their own. Hopefully as a forum for homeworkers we can communicate some of the benefits of homeworking to a wider audience.

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