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Echurch-UK is a small online community of blind, deafblind and partially sighted Christians. Some of us are regular churchgoers and others find this difficult. We all seek to follow Jesus in our daily life, and to trust him as our Lord and Saviour.

We are an online community rather than an organisation. Most of us live in the United Kingdom, but we have international members too. We keep in touch with each other by our mailing list. Some of us have been involved from the beginning. Others come and go and return when they see fit. We encourage our members to exercise their God-given talents and gifts, either in helping out on our list or with our website content. Several of our members have particular callings and ministries outside of our community and we seek to support them in our fellowship and prayer.

We run this website ourselves. Partly to share our faith with others in similar circumstances, but to encourage sighted people too. Someone said it is a wayside chapel on the Web. To some extent it is, but as well as our pages on Christian spirituality, we have many other on the practical aspects of living with blindness.

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Carol Pearson
East Yorkshire HU16 5RD
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