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About Bio Ethanol
Bio alcohol (Ethanol) is made of sugary, starchy and cellulosic vegetables, for example wheat, sugar beet or sugar cane. Advantageous fuel features are the high-level anti-knock properties during the combustion and the round about 90% reduction of all exhaust gas components, except sulphur dioxide which is not any longer generated in the process of combustion. Though the fuel consumption elevates due to the lower heat value, therefore with reasonable engine management the performance can be heightened thanks to the upper octane number of 104. In order to improve the disadvantageous cold start attributes when using pure bio alcohol a rate of 15 % gasoline is added to the bio alcohol. This mixture is called "E85". To achieve the bio fuel quota in Germany by 2010, we require 1,500,000 tons of bio alcohol which is equivalent to a tenth of the annually produced amount of Brazil. For this quantity 0.1 % of Brazil's plain (450,000 hectares) is needed to cultivate sugar cane. The basic price in Brazil is approximately 0,25 Euro (0.31 USD) per litre. The aim is to produce more economically, therefore reasonable approaches for further processing of the waste products are made.
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