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If you take a look at other fish stickers on the market today, it would appear that fish have evolved into a number of different colors and patterns. Unrecognizable to say the least. Good fishermen can tell what's on the end of their line even before it's out of the water. At Saber-Tooth, we don't claim to be good fishermen, but we can guarantee you that the fish and wildlife products you see, are very similar in appearance to that Walleye or Crappie on the end of your line. We continue to grow by word of mouth, so it's very clear that we're not the only one's looking for realism and quality.

When it comes to performance, Saber-Tooth stands alone. Every anatomical detail is correct. We use fade resistant ink, and UV coatings that really last for years. Saber-Tooth products are as real as it gets. We start with artists and designers who's knowledge begins in the field. We are sure you'll agree that any discriminating sportsman would be proud to own and display them.

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