Bachelor's and Master's UK Degree at a Distance in Japan


The University of London is one of the oldest, largest and most diverse universities in the UK. It is a federation of 18 distinct, separate and, in many cases, multi-faculty Colleges, together with 11 smaller specialist Institutes and the External Programme (the University's main distance learning provider).

All of the federal Colleges and Institutes differ considerably in size, age and tradition and in the courses of study they offer, but all Award University of London degrees. Collectively they ensure the standards of those degrees, and are research-based higher education institutions committed to undergraduate and/or postgraduate teaching of the highest quality in a research environment. The range and breadth of activity within the University provides it with a unique character and high level of distinction.

The University has a total student population of 100,000 plus an additional 30,000 on the External Programme. Students who study at a College or Institute belong both to that College or Institute and to the University. Students enrolled on the External Programme are students of the University only.

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