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Duck Duck Go: A new way to search the web

Duck Duck Go is a new search engine which claims to provide users with better results and less garbage as compared to its competitors. The unique and catchy name, along with innovative technology, could help Duck Duck Go define the future of online search -- if the company can deliver on its promises.

Duck Duck Go says it will win with:

  • "Zero-click" information consisting of summaries & related topics, incorporated right into in the search results.
  • Ambiguous keyword detection. Click here to see what happens when you search for "apple"
  • Official sites labeled & on top.
  • Simpler, less-cluttered links.
Improvements Over Other Search Engines
  • The biggest advantage of using Duck Duck Go is that it omits parked/spam domains and provides suggestions when blocking them.
  • Includes category pages -- for example, Communication disorders.
  • Includes keyboard shortcuts:
    • ↑ ↓
    • Enter (go)
    • j k (arrow alts)
    • / (search box)
Firefox Tool Bar
  • Automatically detects and displays:
    • Phone numbers
    • Tracking numbers
    • Car registration numbers
    • Zip codes
    • Book identification numbers (ISBNs)
    • Product codes
    • Street addresses
    • IP addresses

Extensions and apps

FireFox extension

Firefox now has a extension. This extension improves the quality of search results by making use of Duck Duck Go's search engine. Duck Duck Go omits useless, parked and spam pages from search results.

IveGotAFang fang 150.gif

These extensions save users from looking at 42 million useless websites -- sites with nothing but ads. If you're like most people, you've visited many of these, having found them in search results in other search engines or by slightly mistyping web addresses, e.g. or

Duck Duck Go has partnered with I've Got a Fang to identify parked/spam websites. These blocked domains have been removed from Duck Duck Go's search results.

Duck Duck Go's former logo
iPhone app

Duck Duck Go has brought Duck search to the iPhone, developed in collaboration with CHS systems.


DuckDuckGo is the first search engine I've used post-Google that actually could replace Google for me.

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