Professional Tulsa Shower Tile and Grout Cleaning Services 


D'Sapone specializes in Tulsa Tile cleaning and restoration services.


As time passes, the enchantment of your business infrastructure, home and any other part of accommodation goes down owing to the lack of better maintenance. Despite applying a lot of tactics, you fail in bringing back the real charm of your residence. D’Sapone is an organization, rendering various noteworthy services for you in context of maintaining the beauty of your home. Our artists are truly smart in performing vital actions, including grout cleaning, regrouting tile, grout repairing, glass restoration, Efflorescence remover, Slate tile flooring, Pool cleaning and much more. They work with their tremendous dedication in order to take care of these things. We provide them our high quality of products as well as knowledge of using several technical things, so that they could be able to do their task smartly.

Our Services inculde : 

1) Tile Cleaning and Cracked Tile Repair

2) Grout Cleaning

3) Marble Polishing, Cleaning, Sealing

4) Travertine Polishing, Cleaning, Sealing

5) Granite Polishing, Cleaning, Sealing

6) Caulk Ellimination

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