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How does lowering energy costs and reducing fire risk sound? Good, because that is all we do! Dryer Vent Wizard of Central Texas repairs, replaces, and installs clothes dryer vents. Not only will dryer vent cleaning reduce fire risks and save energy costs, but it will reduce cycle times and in many cases increase the life of your clothes dryer. So come on, it’s time to get the lint out!

Did you know that more than 17,000 fires are reported each year and the result has everything to do with unclean dryer vents? Our dryer vent cleaning services include dryer vent inspection, repair, dryer vent cleaning, alteration, and installation for homeowners, apartments, condos, and anywhere else you find a dryer.

Our main focus at Dryer Vent Wizard of Central Texas in Austin, TX is consumer education, while making clothes dryers safer and greener. For dryer vent cleaning, call the experts at 512-861-4878!


Dryer Vent Wizard of Central Texas in Austin, TX is dedicated to proper dryer vent cleaning. As a member of the National Fire Prevention Association, we actively engage in consumer education while making clothes dryers safer, greener, and more efficient. Just think of it, our services will lower your energy costs and reduce fire risk. It’s a no brainer. Give us a call at 512-861-4878 to find out more about our available services:

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