DrinkLifeIn.com sells drinks and supplements extracted from the Moringa plant.


Zija ™ - drink life in ® - The Moringa oleifera Beverage


Rod brings broad experience in leadership, marketing, strategic product sales and distribution. He will lead Zija's worldwide product sales and distribution, distributor compensation opportunity, and marketing efforts. He is highly committed to supporting Zija's growing team of independent distributors, providing them with the tools necessary to succeed. He teams up with Zija's executive team and board to produce exciting compensation and strategy plans to work with leaders and distributors to help them maximize-and capitalize upon-their passion for taking the Zija message to the world. Rod served as Executive Vice President of Operations and Business Development at NEXX, and was also Director of Business Development at Big Planet, previously a division of NuSkin Enterprises. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and marketing. He is fluent in Finnish, and conversant in German, Japanese, and Spanish, and looks forward to reaching out to the international markets.

Simply put, Brad has three loves: family, people and business. We call him well-rounded because, in the past twenty seven years through vision and faith, he has overseen almost every key business department in such diverse fields as construction, real estate, manufacturing, software, finance and network marketing. Brad's distinguished career includes building his own successful companies as an entrepreneur, authoring books and publications, and hosting a nationally syndicated talk show on business and finance. Brad has proven his ability to arouse enthusiasm among colleagues, while at the same time identifying over five hundred million dollars of new business throughout his career.

His personal motto is people first, things second. Brad believes in people, and they believe in him. After meeting Brad, people just try harder, do more, and reach for a more successful life. For those who know him up close and personal and for those meeting him for the first time he is both savvy and humorous.

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