Dreamwool.com manufacture and sell natural wool and latex mattresses

About Dreamwool

Dreamwool is a New Zealand owned and operated mattress company. Working closely with the Southdown Breeders Group, Dreamwool ensures that each mattress produced is filled with the pure, high-quality wool. These products are designed to give customers maximum comfort for a great night’s sleep.


Dreamwool’s mattresses are made entirely from wool and latex. Wool is an ideal fibre for use in mattresses, because of its unique qualities. First, the natural curl of the wool ensures a cushioning effect to the body. Additionally, wool absorbs moisture, which keeps body temperature regular.


There are a number of Dreamwool mattresses available, each suited to different needs and preferences. No matter what, there is a wool and natural latex mattress for you. Products include:

  • Euphoria Mattress
  • Heaven Mattress
  • Sanctuary Mattress
  • Icon Mattress
  • Evolution Mattress
  • Classic Mattress

Other Products

To complement your mattress, Dreamwool offers an array of other high quality products. In addition to adult-sized bedding, we offer products for your baby, such as a bassinet mattress. Pillows and quilts are made out of fine, Southland wool, and beautiful wooden bed frames make a great addition to your bedroom.

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