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Dream Horse acts as an on-line market place fulfilling the needs of horse buyers, sellers and breeders.Their full fledge data base systems provides flexible search, retrieval and storage options for information related to horse-business and advertisement.
  • Search Center for Dream Horse helps in finding the Dream Horse from any search including any combination of breed, city, state, age, price, height, color and skill.An easy finder and locater for your desired search.The search center contains a record of 50,000 horses and possesses search options including Advanced Search, Breed/State, Bloodline, Horse ID ,Horse Name, Seller Name, US Map,Zip Code, search options,further Listing Spotlight Ads, Video Ads Lists, Missing Horses lists, Saddles, Trailers, Tack & More information related to the desired search.
  • Photo AdsThe photo ads possess a small preview version and including a thumbnail from where one may easily spot the selection.Options for Photo Add Management, ordering, adding and offering tips to upload them after signing.
  • TackTrader.com is a division of DreamHorse which deals with horse-trailers, horse property, tacks, pick-ups, tow vehicles, dogs and equipment.

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Join Dream Horse Message Forum Its a message forum for all horse buyers and sellers who exchange information and advertise for their horses.A great place for people to communicate on-line with the like minded people specially doing horse business and this way avail the opportunity for selling/buying horses on-line!




Dream Horse Classifieds
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