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About DreamDinners.com

What's for dinner? Do you ever come near the end of a busy day and wonder, "What's for dinner?" At Dream Dinners we answer that question for you. Our monthly menu includes over 14 different recipes each month, along with additional pre-assembled dinners, sides, breads and desserts ready for purchase while in one of our stores. A wide variety of options means there are plenty of meal preparation choices to satisfy everyone in the family.

We provide everything you need to assemble delicious dinners from easy-to-follow instructions to fresh, pre-cut ingredients.

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Dream Dinners Improvements and Customer Benefits

  • Less time spent making your meals in the store
  • Prepare & serve most dinners in 30 minutes
  • Many entrees now come with sides
  • Chef Touched Selections™ - already prepared entrees, sides, breads, desserts and more are available for purchase at participating stores.

  • Save an average of $188 per month
  • Reduces time in the kitchen by as much as 20 hours per month
  • Provide healthier dinners for the entire family
  • Provides a single stop location for your dinner time needs
  • Eliminates the anxiety around What's For Dinner

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