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z) is a metasearch engine, which means it has no local database. Draze goes beyond searching for just simple text characters and operates entirely by querying other major search engines. As of now, Draze gathers its results from about 7 other major search resources! Draze seeks and brings the most relevant information to you and is a much more intuitive, more human way of searching. Draze seeks first to understand the user's query and then return the best search results. A user also has the option of searching through our directory, encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, and various other services. Our results will always satisfy your needs and won't fill your screen with mumbo jumbo which you will never need!

Our mission and goal is to have a centralized location for users to search for various 'things' and to accommodate most of their needs. If you have a suggestion for us to add another search feature, we are more than happy to hear about it. Please let us know your suggestions via email!

Draze is growing rapidly and offers affordable and effective online advertising to drive traffic to your website. Draze's simplicity is what makes us so unique in every way! We welcome you to use and to play with the Draze metasearch engine! We believe you will find Draze comprehensive, precise, and unique. Most importantly, you will find Draze to be a valuable tool for searching the Internet and an advertising hotSPOT.

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