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About Drago-Sim.com

Drago-Sim.com is an in-browser simulation of the online browser based game oGame. You can use Drago-Sim.com to work out various strategies for oGame and contemplate the various ways the game can be played. Drago-Sim.com is maintained by a community of enthusiasts and features a community forum, IRC chat area where players can discuss the game.

Technical Details for Drago-Sim.com

DragoSim 2 Version 0.8.2 (OGame 0.73a)

Description in German

Simulation von Kämpfen für das Online-Browsergame OGame (oGame.de)

Languages of Drago-Sim.com

Primarily Drago-Sim.com is in Deutsch (German) but they also feature the website in a variety of other languages.

Contact Information for Drago-Sim.com

Address for Drago-Sim.com

Thomas Osthege
Gebr-Grimm-Str. 6
Rheinbreitbach 53619

Additional Information for Drago-Sim.com

  • The Drago-Sim.com also has a forum where you can discuss game scenarios a

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