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Whether a woman desires a breast reconstruction following mastectomy, a deviated septum is making it difficult to breathe or a modeling career could benefit from breast augmentation, nearly everyone has needed or desired the services offered by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery, whether for reconstructive or aesthetic purposes, can make people look and feel better about themselves. The key is choosing a well-trained plastic surgeon and for the patient and doctor to have an appropriate fit. Dr. Brian Dickinson strives to make each surgery safe and effective.

With an office Newport Beach, Ca, Dr. Brian Dickinson specializes in breast reconstruction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and face-lifts. Dr. Dickinson's reconstructive emphasis is breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery may be synonymous with Orange County, but Dr. Dickinson's youth, passion, energy and recent technologically advanced training have allowed his reconstructive and aesthetic practices to expand rapidly. Dr. Dickinson was trained by some of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the country, completing his residency at the University of California Los Angeles -- one of the top plastic and reconstructive training programs in the country -- and graduating always at the top of his class.

"I believe it is important for health care in the United States to become personalized," said Dr. Dickinson. "Patients want a doctor who is going to return phone calls and check up on them, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. I hope to offer an old-school, personalized approach coupled with the latest technology and training."

Talented, well-trained, and hardworking plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Newport Beach

In medical school, Dr. Brian Dickinson, wanted to become an orthopedic surgeon and devoted a significant amount of time to studying reconstructive surgery of the hand. After spending time with a world-renowned hand surgeon in New York City who also had plastic and reconstructive surgical training, Dickinson was exposed to microvascular reconstruction and was noted to have a particular talent for anatomy. The diversity of plastic and reconstructive surgical training fascinated Dickinson and eventually he was noticed by his professors to have a keen aesthetic eye and was selected to train among the top aesthetic surgeons in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Brian Dickinson's private plastic and reconstructive surgical practice, which he opened in January 2009, is building rapidly thanks to his reconstructive interests in breast reconstruction following mastectomy and nasal reconstruction. Dr. Dickinson's aesthetic interests include face-lifts, breast augmentation and revision breast augmentation procedures.

In addition, Dr. Dickinson has training in airway surgery for patients who have difficulty breathing out of their nose and who also want to improve their cosmetic appearance. Currently Dr. Dickinson's clients include young professional women, as well as fitness and runway models, who come to him for breast augmentation, breast implant replacements and breast lifts.

Dr. Dickinson's practice and practice partners offer comprehensive aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Dickinson's philosophy is that the same skills necessary for aesthetic surgery can be applied to yield successful and aesthetic reconstructive surgery.

While Dr. Dickinson is starting to see that many of his patients who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery return to him for their blepharoplasty, face-lift, rhinoplasty or liposuction, Dr. Dickinson states he would like to see the reverse happen as well. “I would also like for my breast augmentation or breast lift patients return with their children when they cut their lip or tear up their arms riding skateboards.”

Dr. Dickinson states, “I still get a thrill out of going into the emergency room in the middle of the night for emergency surgeries such as hand injuries or evaluating facial fractures. I'd like to be the plastic surgeon for the whole family."

Breast enhancement, rhinoplasty and face-lifts

Dr. Brian Dickinson offers a range of cosmetic surgery procedures at his Newport Beach office.
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Dr. Brian Dickinson's cosmetic surgery interests include:

He also performs:

Dr. Brian Dickinson knows that considering plastic surgery is a big decision. That's why he offers pre-surgery consultations at his Newport Beach office to answer patients' questions and ensure the desired results. Dr. Dickinson wants to make cosmetic surgery an enjoyable and worthwhile process for all of his patients.


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Dr. Brian: Thank you for always taking great care of me and my family.

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