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This site is dedicated to digital photography and imaging and finally gives me the chance to use a Master's degree in magazine publishing I earned at Northwestern University about 40 years ago. Then, it was almost impossible to conceive that you'd actually become the publisher of a print magazine. Those guys (and most were men, at that time) sat in corner offices overlooking Madison Avenue in New York, and rode around in chauffeured limousines. They had beautifully coifed and clothed secretaries with drop-dead good looks (and brains) who could wither you by merely raising an eyebrow.

But having called myself a photographer from age 12 when I was given a plastic Donald Duck camera that took now-extinct 127 film, I had decided to get that degree because I thought it might be useful (and it was) to know the thought processes of those who would hire me as a photographer, and what they wanted (and needed) to produce successful magazine spreads from my pictures.

During my undergraduate years at Brooklyn College, I worked as a free-lance photographer for practically every newspaper in New York. Then, after graduate school, I became a contract photographer for Globe Photos Agency and subsequently worked for Time-Life and many other publications as a magazine photographer. If there was some place on earth that intrigued me, I'd find a way to get there.

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