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JuniorSenior is an internationally operating full-service communication agency with a clear and sincere aim: we want to add more fun to the world. More fun for our customers and more fun for their customers. With this comes a natural success for all.

With more than 20 years experience we know precisely which media tools and marketing mechanics you must utilise today to reach this target group. JuniorSenior acts as a one-stop-shop from which you can change direction and gear rapidly. JuniorSenior provides well founded strategic and creative solutions and has considerable in-house specialisation. Our up to date knowledge of concept, design and media also enables companies who wish to, carry out a dynamic renovation in their communication and marketing.

Through our focus on young marketing, we have developed eight areas of specialisation: strategy, concept, design, internet, in-game, press, research and events. A unique mix of eight different disciplines which we have successfully applied across international markets and creative borders. JuniorSenior develops surprising and effective solutions.

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