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My name is Colleen Dick. I am an engineer/software geek from way back. I am interested in many things: music that has some complexity to it, programming, internet communication, linguistics, how to take advantage of multimedia, community involvement, and subtle humor. I love sharing my dorkage with folks who are interested in it. In the small town where I live most folks’ eyes glaze over before I even start to talk except for my geek friends. My geek friends and I can geek out for hours. Some posts here are seriously geeky and some are geekoid fluff for the wannabe. This blog is not for everyone — it is for who it is for. If nothing in this blog captures your fancy, go read spammy “how to monetize your blog” blogs somewhere else. I don’t mind. OTOH, if you like it, stick around, comment, and interact with me.
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