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Rigging Day was held on Saturday April 8. 2006. Many thanks to Mary B, Karyn R, Mark P, Laura W, Mark Br, Mark V, Mike Barnes, Lorn W, Ira C, Ian B David C, David S, Anthea H, Dierdre W, Irene S, Tom B, Ken C, and Francious T (you will notice that there are a few new names on this list. Our brand new members for 2006 joined in to help on our rigging day - what wonderful spirit!)

Mary B has stepped up and is secretary this year. Attached is a list she has put together of the Committee and contact information along with maintenance that needs to be done with names attached of who will head up the projects. If there is any other work that anyone knows of that should be added to the list, contact Mary. She plans to update the Maintenance log with this information. Also attached is the Maintenance guidelines that all members should follow. Remember this is a Co-operative club. It's up to every member to participate in the up-keep of the club and its equipment. You will notice that many of the same names are doing a lot of work for Discovery. We really need to spread the work more evenly so that everyone can enjoy their time sailing rather than working. If you didn't manage to make it to rigging day, maybe you can find time to help out with some maintenance for the club. Call some of the names and find out how you can help. No experience is necessary, just willing and enthusiastic participants. If Maintenance is not your style, help Helen with the training. We could use someone to help organize orientations for our many different boats. No need to know how to sail them, just help to find someone who is the expert of a particular boat and organize mini training parties.

The Club has some news! The Discovery Sailing Club is now a proud owner of another Hobie 16 (this makes three Hobie 16s for the club) - Purchased from Erin O'Connor for $1,350 (cost of what I paid for it). Discovery is also a proud owner of an Aluminum sailing dinghy (similar in size to the bomb) ? Purchased from an ad with the help of Ken Christie. To fit this new ALCAN dinghy, we are removing from duty the Bombardier in the poorest condition. So, we will have two functioning Bombardier remaining and a durable sailing dinghy.

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