A content-free website has no content apart from ads. It's clear that this domain was purchased to carry ads because so many people are looking for diet pills. While there are certainly quite a few diet-pills ads on the site, there are also ads for work that can be done at home.

People looking for may have been looking for While this page has more content, that content consists solely of photos and text that appears to have been copied from other locations on the web. This site also carries lots of advertising.

History of

DietPills411.com2005.png used to be an actual e-commerce site, judging by the screenshot of the site's homepage that was stored on on August 12, 2005.

Viewing other homepage screenshots of the site reveals that it became a parked page sometime in mid-2007.




No address information is provided on the site.


No contact information is provided on the site.

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