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I believe that Catalonia is built upon local government in which people are the core feature of our work. My efforts are therefore aimed at championing the notion that Catalonia needs local government to be strong. This fact is well-known for the 311 municipalities of the province of Barcelona, where 75 percent of the population of Catalonia live and where a densely populated metropolitan zone coexsists with small towns in natural surroundings with a high environmental value.

Working for people and governing these diverse municipalities from the councils means ensuring that all citizens, wherever they live, have quality basic public services available. It is therefore essential to promote the social and econonomic development of the province’s villages, towns and cities with criteria of cohesion and sustainability. In short, we must build from the grassroots and create a democratic society that is open and safe for everyone.

We have a firm vision of our responsibilities and our powers as a supramunicipal authority. At the Barcelona Provincial Council, which is headed and represented by the province’s mayors and mayoresses and councillors, we work to promote the policies of progress and development of each council. We are a local government that knows the territory well and has a capacity for global management. We therefore advance by working in a network and by contributing and optimising resources so that each municipality can perform its projects. With a clear, determined intention to serve and attend people, we are encouraging a new relationship with the municipalities in order to make government closer to everyone.


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