Diamond Sportsmen's Club, Inc.


For nearly 46 years, members of Barney Pond Hunting and Fishing Club, Inc. leased a tract of land near South Colton, NY, where they found great pleasure in sharing outdoor activities with family, friends, and fellow club members. They hunted and fished, rode snowmobiles and ATVs, and shared many a story around campfires and woodstoves while building family ties and lasting friendships. They were people who worked hard, and played hard in the great outdoors. Generation after generation of Barney Pond Club members has created a lifetime of memories.

In spring 2000, ownership of the property changed, the timber rights were sold, and the new owner chose not to renew the lease with the Barney Pond Club. Faced with the demise of their club, camps, and traditions, a group of determined Barney Pond Club members and a few other individuals developed a plan to create a not-for-profit organization and purchase 3,283 acres land through capital contributions of $5,000. Membership would be offered first to Barney Pond Club members, then to the general public.

Diamond Sportsmen's Club Inc. was incorporated on July 12, 2000, as a Section 402 not-for-profit organization under New York State Law (Club by-laws). The club entered into a binding contract with Lothair Inc. to purchase the land once leased to Barney Pond Club.

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