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This site is focused on exploring the current alternatives and the future of Personal Computer Operating Systems, primarily in regards to Desktop and Laptop computers. Serving to introduce people who are currently stuck using Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and Software but are interested in finding an alternative for their computing needs. The mission is to explore different operating systems aimed at the home and small business user.

Our current main focus is on the following Desktop & Laptop Operating Systems; Xandros, Lycoris, Linspire, SUSE Linux, Sun Microsystems, Ark Linux, PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu Linux, Mandriva and many more as they are the most viable desktop-focused and user-friendly Linux distributions currently available on the market. Other topics follows include; Apple Mac, Microsoft, Linux in general, Web Browsers, Emulation, Games, KDE, BeOS, CodeWeavers, IBM, Novell, Amiga, and many more…

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