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DESIGNWORKERS Creative Services
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DESIGNWORKERS Creative Services offers a complete solution to your publishing and graphic design needs. We are a full service design and publishing group.
Designworkers does and can take on a complete publication project – from writing and editing, design and layout, and up to production for different types of printed materials. read more


We specialize in designing books and coffeetable books, annuals, brochures and posters. We also undertake special commissioned projects, video production and web design.

Market Base

We are Philippine-based with a global reach.
We especially welcome not-for-profit, church-related and cause-oriented groups.
Non-government organizations, foundations and institutions comprise our main customer base; although we do serve some government agencies and commercial firms.
See the list of our clients. Perhaps you will want to try us as well. Just tell us what you need and we'll try to come up with possible solutions to your problem.

Our Team

We aim to provide quality, reliability and value in our work.
Designworkers is basically a family outfit – family members all artistically skilled in different fields – graphic arts, web design, book publishing, creative writing, photography, illustration, fine arts and sculpture.
Formally established in 2002, Designworkers, the company, is fairly new, and quite small. But the design workers, the people, have been in this field for almost three decades now. And, together with trusted friends and reliable suppliers to back us up, we have come together, consolidated our experiences and harnessed our skills. We have become better and smarter.
Small group as we are, you would find it easy working with us. We are a no-nonsense group – we talk straight and simple, something many design groups seem to find difficult doing.
In all our years in this kind of work, we have never had a dissatisfied client. But don't take our word for it. However, do take a look at our portfolio, and we hope it would speak for itself.

How We Work

We strive for utmost efficiency and professionalism.
We deal and coordinate with clients almost entirely via the internet or e-mail and through other communication and delivery facilities modern technology is making available to us. This method enables us to reach and be reached by a much wider global market.
Coordination, discussions, consultations and follow-ups are done via e-mail, phone or teleconferencing; personal visits are done on a case-to-case basis.
Quotations and contracts are faxed or emailed, original copies can be mailed.
Payments are directly deposited by client to our peso and dollar accounts; official receipts faxed on same day of receipt of payment, original copies sent by mail.
Manuscripts, photos, digital files and other project materials (from client's end and ours) are sent via electronic mail, postal mail or courier service (e.g. FedEx).
For major projects that require a lot of file exchanges, we may set up an FTP account for you, or a private web page where you can check out the progress of our work and directly download the files from there. Once we've actually set up these sites for you, we'll give you full instructions on how to best use them.

Pricing Philosophy

We strive to provide our service at affordable rates.
We do not have fixed rates and terms; rather, we apply a kind of socialized scheme when it comes to pricing.
Fees and charges depend on the customer's capacity to pay. Profits we gain from better funded groups enable us to take on fund-strapped but well-meaning NGOs in need of good professional service.
Whether for profit or for cause, it would be our privilege to work with you.
If you have a project at hand you may probably want us to work on, do contact us.


Designworkers Creative Services
Imus, Cavite, Philippines
(63 927) 552 7123


Written and verbal communication in English and Filipino
Can work on projects in foreign languages

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