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Media is building a different type of new media company.

With a proprietary media platform that powers the company's highly-trafficked domains and wholly-owned content media properties, Demand Media leverages cutting edge, user-driven publishing, community and monetization tools in its quest to define the next generation of new media companies. Founded in May 2006, Demand Media receives nearly 100 million unique visitors per month through its niche content web sites and portfolio of domain names. Demand Media's traffic is organic and its content proprietary, user-generated and viral, allowing for a unique, targeted and effective marketplace for both users and advertisers. Demand Media is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices San Francisco, Austin, TX, and Seattle and Bellevue, WA.

Demand Media’s domain registrar, internet services, hosting and other tools can be accessed via:

Demand Media’s portfolio of media properties includes niche sites in areas of knowledge, entertainment, casual games, outdoors, sports and lifestyle. Some of Demand Media’s niche sites include:

Demand Knowledge

Demand Entertainment

Demand Games

Demand Sports

Industry Highlight

The Domain Parking Industry as they call it is getting much larger. The other leading companies in this industry are,, and These four companies are looking to be worth over a Billion Dollars each when they go puclic. Marchex is the only on of them that is currently public and is a good indication as to how well the others will do when they go public.


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Community Reviews

Next Generation Media Company

This company is truly the next cutting edge company in the myspace age. Superior management, cutting edge business model, and unique business model

  • posted by Anonymous on Aug 8, 2006, 3:52 am

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