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Dell - Client & Enterprise Solutions, Software, Peripherals, Services is the internet homepage for Dell Computers, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of computers and computer products. Based in Round Rock, Texas, Dell manufacturers more computers than any other company in the world.


Dell was founded in 1984 as PCs Limited by Michael Dell, a student at the University Of Texas At Austin. The company's mission was to provide computers directly to consumers, so they could better understand and provide what the end users of their computers wanted.

Dell introduced their first PC in 1985, called the Turbo PC. Each PC was custom assembled based on the options the customer selected when they made the purchase. They were able to succeed with this model, and grossed over $6 million in revenue in just their first year.

During the late 1980's Dell continued to grow, and started expanding into other countries as well. In the early 1990's, Dell tried selling computers through computer retail stores, but was not very successful. They returned to focusing on their direct-to-consumer model, which they still use to this day.

In 1996, Dell began selling computers on their website, and by 1999 Dell was the USA's largest personal computer manufacturer.



Dell makes several lines of computers, both desktop and notebook, as well as models for home users and models for commercial users. The OptiPlex desktop line targets office users; the Dimension line of desktops targets home users. In laptops, the Inspiron line targets home users; the latitude line targets business users. Dell also manufactures the XPS line of computers for gamers, the Precision computer series for workstations, and the Dell N-Series with Linux or FreeDOS. Dell also offers their PowerEdge line of corporate servers.

Other Products

Dell has expanded into many computer related and other electronic products. Dell's PowerVault line of products contains a variety of external storage devices. Dell also manufactures PowerConnect network switches, AXIM PDAs, as well as monitors, plasma screen TV's, LCD TV's, and projectors.


Dell, Inc is run by a board of directors, which are elected by the companies shareholders. Michael Dell, the company's founder, is the CEO and also serves on the board of directors.


Dell's primary sales mechanisms are their website and telephone sales. In the early 2000's, Dell began opening kiosks in malls and shopping centers. In 2005, Dell opened their first full store in Texas. Customers could not purchase and take home computers from the store, though. The computers would still be shipped to them.


Dell has been involved in several law suits, and currently has several in court. Dell continues to be a trusted and respected company, though. Fortune Magazine ranked Dell as #1 in their list of most respected companies.




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