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is an online social book marking website which started in late 2003. It was owned by Yahoo! and is now owned by AVOS. It is a web site which helps you to store, share and discover new online bookmarks.

How It Works

Visitors to the site can tag their bookmarks in a unique non-hierarchical system which follows the keyword categorizing method. For instance if you open a particular URL, you will find all the available tags in one page itself. Thus you can view all the available bookmarks that have been added by like minded users.

The website conveys interesting and popular trends by having different pages for different categories. On its home page it has a “Hot list”. Then it has “Popular” page and a “Recent” page. The website has a very simplified HTML interface which has human readable URLs along with various other features like RSS feeds, REST API, unique domain names and so on. All these have made a very popular website.

It's Free!

It is free to use There aren’t any sign up charges. You may mark bookmarks as private, otherwise everything that you post on can be seen by default. The website encourages the public aspect of the bookmarked portions.

Usually people use this website's network badges, tag rolls and link rolls to share and display information and links on their weblogs. Some other users use the “Daily Bog Posting” and RSS feeds features to do it.

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