is the UK medical charity for deaf and hard of hearing people


Deafness Research UK : Hearing Research Trust : Deafness Research UK, the medical charity for deaf and hard of hearing people


In the UK there are around 2 million people who would benefit from using hearing aids, but they are only used by 1.4 million.

About us

Deafness Research UK (The Hearing Research Trust) was set up as a registered charity in 1985 by Jack Ashley, who is profoundly deaf, and his late wife Pauline.

Lord and Lady Ashley believed that no one should have to live with unwanted hearing impairment and the key to preventing or finding a cure is through scientific and medical research. They founded the charity because they believe that only a charity dedicated to hearing research could adequately generate the funding required to support high quality work in this field and now, Deafness Research UK remains the UK's only national charity dedicated to helping deaf and hard of hearing people through medical research and education.


Deafness Research UK
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