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I would like to see this in your column because it it was so similar to a letter I saw in your column about a week ago. My accident happened in Aug. of this year. I was going to my granddaughters first birthday celebration.

A car pulled out of a side road. She claimed she had a blocked view. Anyway, that didn't make my broken arm feel any better. All I could think of when it was happening was that I was going to be hit. so, as she came out on my right side, I held on to the steering wheel and turned sharply to the left. Like your other reader, thank goodness, there was no traffic coming in the other lane.

I broke my right between the wrist and the arm. Broken in three places. Not anywhere near a "clean break". My doctor tried to get by without surgery which I eventually had to have, plus three weeks of therapy. I was just glad to survive the accident, but there is nothing more painful than a broken bone.

Janet Coalter 4Piedmont Cove Brandon, MS>


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