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Vintage sports, baseball, football cards from Topps, Bowman, Fleer, Leaf, & Philadelphia- Deans Cards


Dean's Cards is a full-time online store that is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dean's Cards is the #1 seller of Vintage Sports Cards with about 500,000 cards listed online and ready to buy.

Dean's Cards has over a dozen full-time and part-time employees and is locted in a 3000 square foot office. We specialize in vintage cards, magazines, and memorabilia.

The goal of Dean's Cards is to offer the best inventory of vintage sports cards, sports memorabilia and sports magazines available anywhere, while providing a simple and enjoyable buying experience. Dean's Cards is designed so that items are quick and easy to locate, examine and purchase. I have been collecting cards since I was a kid in the late 1960's. Vintage Sports Collectables is my passion. We sell the items that I collect and love. Since I never developed an interest for the newer cards and know little about them - we do not carry them.

Dean's Cards is definitely the easiest and fastest way to buy vintage cards, but our customers also feel that Dean's Cards is the most cost effective way to add cards to your collection - especially when you are looking for specific cards. We are also are one of the top sellers of complete vintage sets.

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Dean's Cards
3927 Brotherton Road, Suite 150
Cincinnati OH
United States 45227

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