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DealerTrack is a leading provider of on-demand software and data solutions for the automotive retail industry in the United States. We utilize the Internet to link automotive dealers with banks, finance companies, credit unions and other financing sources, and other service and information providers, such as the major credit reporting agencies.

DealerTrack has established a network of active relationships with over 21,000 automotive dealers, including over 80% of all franchised dealers; over 225 financing sources, including nine captive financing sources; and other service and information providers to the automotive retail industry.

DealerTrack's credit application processing product enables dealers to automate and accelerate the indirect automotive financing process. Our integrated subscription-based software products and services enable automotive dealer customers to receive valuable consumer leads, compare various financing and leasing options and programs, sell insurance and other aftermarket products, document compliance with certain laws and execute financing contracts electronically.

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