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Although the range is closed, Davi's offers personal attention and selection for your personal and home defense needs. With the areas largest selection of knives, you are sure to find something for anyone looking for a knife. Our friendly, knowledgable staff is here to assist you. Make sure to check out our selection of safes to keep all your possessions secure!

Our Firearms

Each firearm carries with it a different purpose. Some are excellent for home security, some are designed for hunting, and yet others are meant for professional use. It’s because of this fact that our firearms professionals are knowledgeable in this industry. We know which brands and types of guns will be best suited for each different scenario. So, when you’re considering a gun purchase let Davi's professionals assist you with this exceedingly important decision. You won’t find any group more dedicated to your comfort and safety!

Our Knives

Any knife enthusiast can expect the best from our blades. With Davi’s selection of both production and custom knives, we could easily be the envy of any other knife retailer. We have knives priced for anyone who carries or collects fine blades. Our Knife Specialist/Department Manager is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry. So no matter what your looking for or what questions you may have, we’ll have the product and/or the answer for you!

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4900 Leigh Dr.
Raleigh, NC
US 27609-6267
(919) 878-0787
(866) 878-0787


Davi's Home Defense and Firearms
4900 Leigh Dr.
Raleigh NC
US 27609

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