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The core competencies of daViKo GmbH are the development of software that implements the latest technologies for encoding and transferring audio and video signals. Our IP-based multipoint video conferencing software was developed in early 2004 and, since then, has been constantly adapted to integrate the latest breakthroughs made in the field. In addition to marketing our standard software, daViKo GmbH also develops highly customized solutions to meet the special needs of customers.


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With an IP-based multipoint videoconferencing software, you can interconnect with colleagues, partners or suppliers in an entirely new and innovative way. This saves time and costs, which facilitates personal contact and the exchange of information.
daViKo GmbH offers you two different software solutions:
daViKo 3:
Videoconferencing software on a peer-to-peer basis for whenever you want to launch a videoconference immediately and inexpensively with up to 5 participants with equal access or a closed enterprise solution, for example, within a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
PlaceCam 2:
The new videoconferencing software combines the advantages of peer-to-peer technology with those of a client-server system. It is the ideal solution for videoconferences of up to 40 participants or, if you prefer, for distributing data over a server due to upload bandwidth restrictions.

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