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Dailymotion is an original videoblog service that offers you the possibility to find new ways to express yourself, to see and to recreate he world. This web site is giving you the possibility to share your work or hobbies with the rest of the world. The Dailymotion team thinks that a movie is not good for anything if it is stuck on your camera or hard drive. Thus, dailymotion.com offers you the possibility to share your videos with your family or other close people in your life, or with the rest of the world.

Another thing that you are offered by means of this web site is getting a feedback. You can show your work and then read the comments of those who viewed it. You can also use the blogthis function and you can immediately add a video to your blog. Another great thing that you can do here is to discover other people’s videos and using tags.

Dailymotion is the creator and the designer of this service that is available through dailymotion.com that gives the users the opportunity to share videos. The team behind all this is working hard to keep all this sharing at a fun level and even helping people to go further. The users have to understand that such a site that offers free services has to take advantage of the advertising revenues and that is why any ads that may be posted on the same page with your video should not be offensive or irritating to you in any way.

You can register to this service at any time you want except when the Dailymotion team announces that the site is currently undergoing maintenance activities or other such reasons. In order to use the services provided by dailymotion.com you need to have the proper software and plug-ins installed on your computer that you can find on the Internet. You have to create a form that has to be validated by the Dailymotion team and after that your subscription will be confirmed. All the information posted on the application form is completely confidential and the user is also responsible for keeping any details they want confidential as well.

There are cases in which dailymotion.com or any of its business partners may want to use some of the users information for business purposes but this will never happen without your personal consent given by ticking certain boxes provided especially for this.

Dailymotion offers video uploading services that are available only for those who have signed up by filling in the form. After having completed the process of signing up a user may view and even upload videos on the site. At the same time any user is free to comment other users’ videos.

Dailymotion.com is using a posteriori moderation policy because they feel that this way they can keep an interactive way of communication between users. However, if you are deliberately trying to use this site in other purposes than the ones intended by the owners you will suffer the consequences.


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