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Who Needs Dnsstuff?

Dnsstuff.com is a website that lend a hand to all those who necessitate managing, controlling and testing domains and IPs.

Dnsstuff Contents and Sections

The website is well organized and one can easily find the stuff they are looking for. Accessing the page, you will get your personal IP, on the left hand top part. On the top section of the main page, you can access the How Stuff Works section, which will systematically explain all the things Dnsstuff.com does for you, all the tests and necessary indo you need to know about this service.

DNS Report

The next section is the DNS report, which is the service that makes available a DNS report for you domain. This service is helpful, as a great amount of domains have trouble with DNS. This report will pinpoint your DNS issues and work them out. A great feature of this section is the Mail Test, which will identify the mail delivery problems your domain might encounter. In order to get a domain report you have to write down the domain name and the report will be sent to you shortly. The DNS report is made up of various tests and these results will help identify the very problem your domain has. The main page of this website has all sorts of test forms that you can use in order to detect your domain issues. Try the Domain Name tests, the IP tests, the Hostname tests plus the additional tests that include Abuse lookup, Decimal Ips, E-mail test, CSE HTML validator and many more. Each of these tests has a brief description of what it does below their title. For a more detailed description of what each test does, go to the How Stuff Works section. Running these tests is easy, and you get guidance in what you have to do in order to apply to the tests.


This website offers you the possibility to enter all sorts of Forums. The Forums are grouped in themes such as General, New User Questions/Help, where you can easily find out the things you are not in clear with. Other forum discussions are held on Suggestions, Tracert, Dnsstuff tools, etc. Each forum topics has a brief description next to it. When you enter a forum, you will find posted messages with their title, date and hour. You can post your questions or remarks. You can also search titles that are relevant for you, just access the search section from the top of the Forum page.

Got Any Questions?

The FAQ section of Dnsstuff.com is the place where you can get answers to your questions. The most common questions are listed here, but in case you have something that is not available at this section, you can go to the Forum section and will surely find what you are looking for.

All in all, Dnsstuff.com is a supportive website that will help you identify your DNS problems when these occur in your domain.




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