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Cyril Bason


No order is too small or too far - for Cyril Bason, a man who has become a household name with his business of supplying and delivering farm fresh chicks country-wide.

Cyril Bason always catered for the small poultry producer with a few chickens in the back yard, or a few birds running around the farmyard. Indeed, he became well known throughout central Wales and the Midlands for his services to the smaller poultry producer. He always maintained that he was a big customer to the larger hatcheries because he put in bulk order and then split them down to anything from half a dozen birds upwards.

Cyril Bason became a household name during the '70s - recognised for his delivery service and well known for his interest in those customers who were taking only small batches of chicks. Cyril Bason became a limited company in 1975 and is now Cyril Bason (Stokesay) Ltd. Today the company offers a wide range of day old and growing chickens and turkeys to buyers throughout the country. The Black Rock (which was the Arbor Acre), ISA Brown (Warren), Hy-Line and Shaver are well known, but now new to the fold are the Speckledy Hen, bred by Stonegate Breeders, and also the Columbian Black Tail. The Black Rock is still the main seller - a very hardy bird, suitable for all types of climate, bred from a Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red. The Speckledy (a Maran cross) produces approximately 270 eggs per year (a darker brown egg than a hybrid, with good shell quality and colour). The Columbian Black Tail (now known as Calder Ranger), a bird bred specifically for free-ranging, produces 290-300 eggs of excellent quality, size and colour. Cobbs/Ross broilers are bred for the traditional table chicken and turkeys to dress out between 10-55lbs are also supplied, including Bronze turkeys.

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