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'Tar Angel' (or in French L'ange de goudron), was premiered here in Addis at the Alliance Ethio-Française (in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy) on April 19, 2006. The director and script writer of the film, Canadian Denis Chouinard made the film in 2001 basing it on the toil of an Algerian family who fled the violence and repression at home in the early nineties to pursue a dream of freedom and peace in the cherished land of Canada.

Nigeria's commendable action clearly indicates that those days when dictators would bleed their people, and nations' resources and retire in luxury at some safe places are, thank God, finally over! Africa is coming of age.

The Saints were reserved with the worst sorts of hospitality imaginable, beginning with subjecting them to a deliberately long, painful road journey to the country side (so that they would not be relaxed). The persistent harassment by security people, the story over what kind of t-shirts and shorts they were allowed to vest, not to talk about the restrictions on the freedom to film the match. What happened to Demissie Damte, the journalist who was accompanying the team, was even tragicomic! We could not understand what all such harassment and intimidation had to do with a peaceful sportive event. Was it by resorting to such extra-sportive behaviour that the Ghanaian champions intended to reverse the result of the first game?



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