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DuckDuckgo-Duck.jpg Takes You to Duck Duck Go, a New Way to Search the Web

Duck Duck Go is a new search engine that claims to provide users with better results and less garbage as compared to its competitors. The unique and catchy name, along with innovative technology, could help Duck Duck Go define the future of online search -- if the company can deliver on its promises.

If you want to try Duck Duck Go, you can certainly type into your navigation bar. But will just take you to Duck Duck Go, so you may as well go there to start with, and skip altogether.

" is a Parked Domain"

When you type into Duck Duck Go's search bar, the first thing Duck Duck Go tells you is that is a parked domain. Duck Duck Go owns but hasn't yet built a website at that address.

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Contact Gabriel Weinberg (Founder and CEO)
Phone:(617) 974-2456.
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Valley Forge, PA

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