is a Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.


CUADP: For Alternatives to the Death Penalty.


Mission Statement

Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (CUADP) works to end the death penalty in the United States through aggressive campaigns of public education, and the promotion of tactical grassroots activism.

Invigorated education involves the use of mass media to effectively communicate to the U.S. public the message that the death penalty is bad public policy on economic, moral, and social grounds. To effect political change, alternatives to the death penalty must be made attractive to the majority of U.S. voters. Mass public education must be reinforced at the grassroots level by local organizations and respected individuals. Politicians must be provided the support to lead on this issue, even in the face of unpopular public sentiment.

CUADP is committed to act as a catalyst for continued development and implementation of a national grassroots strategy. The following should be seen as priorities for development and implementation at all levels:

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