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The Central Texas Transgender Society is an informal association of individuals and groups in the central Texas area, formed primarily to develop and maintain this Web Site. The site is provided as a resource to the transgender community in the Central Texas area, serving (but not necessarily limited to) crossdressers, transvestites, and transexuals.

The CTTGS is not a formal organization. We don't have meetings, by-laws, and any of that sort of thing. We are simply people who share two interests: transgenderism and the internet. Anyone can join us, regardless of gender, sexual identity, or political bent. We only ask that you respect our right to privacy and our concern for the rights of others. Once a month (on the fourth Saturday) we get together to provide support for each other in whatever ways we can. (You may have noticed the banner at the top of our home page announcing the date for our monthly luncheon.)

The CTTS began as a group of "guys" who found each other on the Internet. We began meeting for lunch and still do. Some of us do and some of us do not "dress up" for these lunches, depending on our individual level of comfort. Come as you are! We get together to share experiences, thoughts, ideas, and the like. Some are TS, some crossdressers, some gay, some bi, some straight, but we all share a common bond and accept each other's variations on that theme. The number in the lunch crowd usually varies, from 10 to 15 people. Everything is kept in strictest confidence and everyone's personal needs are always considered.

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