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Crystal Media specialises in movie and photographic conversions and enhancements to vhs, dvd, vcd etc. This includes formats such as dv, vhs, vhs-c, svhs, svhs-c, video 8, hi8, betamax, U-matic, cine, 8mm, standard 8, and Super 8. Filters can be applied to improve poorly filmed footage to produce video copies with quality that exceeds the original. We also carry out international TV standards conversions from NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. In addition to this we provide comprehensive video and dvd duplication facilities which include dvd printing and dvd authoring. We can also convert photographic media such as photo paper, glass slide, jpeg, tiff etc onto dvd and vhs in the format of a slideshow with musical background. Our facilities include non - linear editing and title systems that can be used to enhance any home movie. For corporate presentations we can convert movies and film clips to small size, high quality Windows Media Files that can be imported into a Powerpoint slideshow. Crystal Media are based in Sandyford in Dublin, Ireland with outlets in Dunlaoghaire and Dublin city centre. For the convenience of our customers we offer a collection and delivery service within the Dublin area and will also accept items by post or email.



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