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History of the Crusty Pagan Tribe RELIGION

In June of 1994 a large group of us were in Austin, Texas. We had community encampments all over Austin through Shoal Creek Park to the Foundations and in the creek bed by the School for the Deaf. We were also having frequent camping trips out in the Green Belt. Besides being very creative, we also counseled constantly about the fact that we all shared many of the same beliefs, visions and dreams. ESP.- Dreams and visions of the blood red moon, the cities falling, of US coming together as a Tribe and helping to bring the MAGICK to HEAL THE EARTH back into this reality. We were already a FAMILY living a LIFESTYLE... Why not become a religion? One day while waiting for project PHASE to feed a VERY large group of us sat along the Drag and we decided that our beliefs, which had inspired us to reject the pyramid society and become nomads SHOULD be an official religion. So we declared it quite loudly to the world. Since the majority of our beliefs were Earth-Based and we lived Tribally, we became, then and there the "Crusty Pagan Tribe." The plans, dreams and goals we all share inspired me to create CrUsThAvEn in 1996 under a bridge in a notebook and then online from a public library, and was also one of my primary motivations for becoming legally ordained through the Orderae Occultis of the Universal Life Church in 2003. Many of the people who were there that day have shed their physical bodies... Those of us who are left are scattered, but still hold onto the core of our beliefs.

That is the history. I am Preachur, AKA Ash, and I declare LOUDLY that I am still working towards the dream of safe spaces for us ALL in balance with the Earth and Her Creatures. It is time for a REVIVAL, and that is why I am posting this. I have found the means to truly make some of this a reality, and those of you, MY FAMILY who are still here, and those of you who are NEW but are TRUE, I ask you all to RSVP right here, or through the Crusty Pagan Tribe "Tribe" on Just sign up here or there. Whichever site you all like the most can and will become a "home base" where we can all check in when we can.

Oh, and in case you are wondering if our "Religion" is "official" or not?

1972 SUPREME COURT RULING: "Neither this Court, nor any branch of this Government, will consider the merits or fallacies of a religion. Nor will the Court compare the beliefs, dogmas, and practices of a newly organized religion with those of an older, more established religion. Nor will the Court praise or condemn a religion, however excellent or fanatical or preposterous it may seem. WERE THE COURT TO DO SO, IT WOULD IMPINGE UPON THE GUARANTEES OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT."

In short, YES. It is official.

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