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Odds are you landed here after reading a press release or story, a mention on a forum or, perhaps, you heard about us from a friend or business associate. To streamline it though, you got here because we promoted Creative Latitude. And that, my friend, is what this corner of the web is all about.

The idea started as a way for a couple of designers to get better visibility for their sites. That idea was discussed on the Graphic Design forum and, eventually, evolved into Creative Latitude. From two people chatting about an idea, we grew to over 100 founding members from across the globe. Pretty neat, eh? And boy, can we calculate time zones!

The discussions about how to proceed was a democratic process. Everybody had (and still has) their say - positive, negative, good and bad. We hear 'em all. We've kept it that way throughout the development process and it remains a core value for Creative Latitude. Having feedback from people in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, etc. was important too. The Net's a global thing and we're a global thing.

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