Crazy Meds! The Good, The Bad & The Funny of Neurological Medications


A guide to neurological medications from first-hand experience, anecdotal evidence and personal research. We provide relevant and humorous peer-to-peer consumer information from clinical trials, PI sheets, personal experiences, and distillations from a library of psychopharmaceutical texts. For each medication there is information such as approved and off-label usages, pros and cons, side effects, how the medications work, buying information and more. There are also overviews on medication classes (antidepressants, anticonvulsants, antipsychotics, etc.) and other articles of interest for the mentally interesting. There is also a forum to discuss medications and treatment options.

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The forum Crazy Meds Talk is not a support group. We have a page of links to support groups if you need to vent about your issues somewhere.

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