Costco made its entry into the world of shopping in San Diego, 1976. It is a discount warehouse joint. It has shops dotted all over USA and has made its name in thirty-six states. It also conducts its warehouse operations in Canada as well as UK. Costco is a known name also in Taiwan, Japan, Korea as well as Mexico. It is interesting to find out what Costco has to offer.

Costco is a retail web site offering products covering the following zones. It is all about appliances, computers, books, DVD’s, electronics, cameras and photographic equipments, furniture, tools and gadgets, hardware, software, health care products, jewelry, office goods, pharmaceutical goods, sports and entertainment products, tickets, tires, travel and wines, beverages and food as well as gift baskets.

Apart from this physical stuff that one can pick off the shelf, Costco has a host of other things to offer. It is all about personal services like arranging mortgages, planning finance, home equity loans, life insurance, auto loans and other allied services.

Costco site is a bonanza for business circles. It offers facilities for check printing, payroll and credit card processing, training of employers online etc. Note should be taken that these have been made possible by Costco associating and affiliating itself with the relevant sections of business.

Online shopping

To go about the business of shopping on the web site of Costco it is not required that you would have to be a member but to complete the order you will have to open an account. Load up your cart but at the final exit point, it is but natural that you will have to sign in your account. It is very simple. You enter your name, postal address phone number and e-mail address. This enables you to enter a password. Details of your credit card number are not required initially but will be necessary later on when the transaction will be made.

Payment methods

Costco accepts payment by the following methods – American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or Costco credit card. Shipping and handling is added to the bill and the rate is fairly uniform irrespective of the type of goods that has been bought. Sales Tax is added and if you are not already a Costco member than an additional 5% will be charged on the total. Membership is presently selling for $45. So if you are planning to buy then it is better and more economical to go for a Costco membership right away without delay.

Costco can be contacted very easily. Either you click and go on to the web site or you avail of the toll free phone facility. The web site is the best option to get answers to more general inquiries like membership details or what to do with articles that you want to return etc. But for more personal and specific inquiries it is advisable to avail of the toll free number and phone.


What is the main aim of Costco? This large warehouse operation aims to save its members money on essentials like clothing, food items. It also gives the best rates for luxury items and sees to it that the customer gets the best value for his or her money. As in other like clubs like Wal Mart’s it is expected that one enrolls for a Costco membership.

The word ‘warehouse’ brings to the mind a huge construction or go down where countless articles are stored. In this way it is a warehouse in cyberspace. Costco offers the same things at less price. One can click and find out the truth of this statement. This applies to all sorts of items – appliances, furniture, books etc. Of course you will notice the difference only when you are a Costco member. Most customers speak highly of what Costco offers in the field of hardware and office products. The best thing is that merchandise can be returned without much hassle – that is if the customer lives near the Costco warehouse store. If the address is a bit way out then directions on the merchandise slip will have to be followed. But the shops seem to be everywhere! customers just cannot get out of the habit of coming back to it again and again. Some of its products are really unique and cannot be got at other outlets. However, it is well to keep in mind that without a membership card can prove to be expensive. So it is a real bargain in the long run to become a member.

Some Costco clients are especially impressed with their travel services. It is more so for the on-the-spot wanderers who cannot be bothered with too much planning ahead. For them is a real blessing. It is just a matter of clicking on the travel section of the web site. The prices are the same as with other travel agencies but Costco might pop in a surprise free packet of a breakfast, for instance along with a $ gift card.


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