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As Editor of The Conservative Camp, I welcome you to our site. We are dedicated to challenging the biased mainstream media with a balanced and fair viewpoint of the events that shape our world, while at the same time setting out to show that conservative opinion is truly compassionate, liberating and fun. Here, you will find articles and opinions from both contributing columnists that have a conservative point of view as well as feeds from national and international syndicated columnists. You will find links to all the major international news organizations from the United States and all around the world. And you will be able to navigate through a myriad of various topics that affect both sides public opinion, including such sensitive topics as abortion, divorce, religion, father's rights, mother's rights, environmental issues, military and foreign affairs, economic affairs, humor, etc.
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An American conservative website advocating a return to the tested, proven and reliable core conservative principles and values that in the past have created economic stability, security through strength and creating an environment of entrepreneurship through individual freedom. A return to the Reagan Doctrine of lower taxes on all Americans and a firm, but fair, foreign policy.

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