is a wiki resource about non-profits in Oregon.


Connec+ipedia, spoken as Connectipedia, is a free culture website providing a community-editable resource about non-profit organizations and foundations in Oregon. It is funded and maintained by the Meyer Memorial Trust, a private philanthropic organization founded by the late Fred G. Meyer's personal trust. The site runs on Wagn, a free/open project combining the easy editing & linking capabilities of wiki with the ability to create more complex relationships, like a database (in other words, a structured wiki).

Excerpted from the website:

Why do we need Connectipedia?
People who are working to make a better world learn a lot as we do our work. How do you store what you learn? Are you always able to access it when you need it again? How do you pass it on to others? Imagine what would happen if you had a way to share what you know. Imagine what you could accomplish if you had an easy and direct way to access what others have learned who are doing similar work.
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Ward Cunningham at the Connectipedia launch

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