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Who or what is Saferpay?

Saferpay is a comprehensive Internet payment platform, specially developed for commercial applications. It provides a guarantee of secure payment processes over the Internet for merchants as well as for cardholders. Merchants benefit from the easy integration of the payment method into their e-commerce platform, and from the modularity with which they can take account of current and future requirements. Cardholders benefit from the security of buying from any shop that uses Saferpay.

Saferpay was developed by Telekurs Card Solutions AG. Telekurs Card Solutions AG is the market leader in the area of cashless payments in Switzerland. Hundreds of thousands of financial transactions are handled by the computer center at Telekurs Card Solutions AG every day.

Saferpay is operated in Switzerland. We have communication links to all the major banks throughout Europe, and direct links to the world-wide credit card networks. Saferpay provides a guarantee of secure and simple payment on and via the Internet.

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