Concordia college & university.


  • Concordia College & University.
  • Official name : Concordia College, University & Graduate School LLC


Accredited university degrees based on demonstrated competencies, not on required courses. Government recognized accreditation since 1999.

(This nationally accredited on-line university is not to be confused with now defunct unaccredited 'diploma mill' imitations which used to operate from the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands, using similar names and several variations, shut down by the Federal Trade Commission FTC early 2006).


English (admissions; registrar; website)
French (admissions; registrar)
Spanish (registrar)
Dutch (registrar)


Concordia College, University & Graduate School
Copthall Place, Pmb 2331
Roseau, Caribbean Commonwealth


Concordia College, University & Graduate School Inc.
Fax : +1 888 308 5479
E-mail :
Part-time Faculty : (7 - seven)

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  • WGU - Western Governors University offering DETC accredited degrees for life experience and demonstrated competencies, not upon required courses

    Note : Most online colleges, apart from concordia-college.netcolor> and wgu.educolor> granting competency-based degrees without required courses, are either self-accredited or not accredited at all. The use of such unaccredited degrees in a professional or academic environment may be limited.

    Only a small number of these Life Experience programs appear to be legitimate.

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