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On our site you will find information about software, books, scores, schools and other music tools. We also feature a forum and a blog with insightful articles, interviews, tips and reviews related to music composition.

Up until some decades ago, the only tools available for music composition were a paper and a pencil. With the technological developments of today, specifically the invention of the computer, this is certainly not true anymore. is a site made by composers for composers of any level or genre. Whether you are an amateur songwriter, an experienced jazz arranger, a rock experimentalist, a film music or a modern classical composer; this is the place to come look for the musical composition tools of today.

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Forums: Contemporary Classical Music Forums; Electronic, Electroacustic & Computer Music Forums; Incidental Music Forums (film music, theater, video games, etc); Jazz Music Forums; Rock and Experimental Music Forums; and Music Technology Forums.

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"Offers information about software, books, scores, sounds, technology, education and competitions."

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